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If you cook for your family, your extended family, your neighbors and big groups of friends, you need a Santa Maria Style Ranch Grill. Our grills feature a massive, uncovered cooking platform that gives plenty of room for everything you throw on it.  With the ability to use real hardwood, you can elevate your grill skills and amaze your guests with open flame cooking. 

 What makes a Santa Maria Grill different is its movable grill grate. Use the hand crank to raise or lower the entire surface for unbeatable temperature control. With up to 30″ of vertical travel the is no more burning meat or waiting forever for it to cook.  You get mouthwatering results every time.

Our Argentine V-Grates are a grillers dream!  Solid steel V-Grates are sloped back to front to funnel juices away from the fire and into the removable collection trough.  NO MORE FLARE UPS! 

Drop the grate right down on the coals for a quick hot sear, then raise to any level to complete the cook. You have complete control to easily raise and lower with little effort required.

Wood-Fired Grills

Santa Maria

Trail Boss Argentine Grill with Brasero by Kobe Roux

Trail Boss

The Trail Boss Comes in a standard 24″ x 36″ size to fit smaller spaces and smaller families needs. Custom sizes available.  Starting at $1300.

Trail Boss Argentine Grill with Brasero by Kobe Roux

Cattleman's Deluxe

The Cattleman’s Deluxe Grill is the ultimate grilling experience.  Turn your backyard into a top end steak house with our 72″ Cattleman’s Deluxe Grill.  Built from 3/16″ steel plate and welded for lasting strength.  The Cattleman’s Deluxe Grill dresses out at over 650lbs of pure cooking happiness!

Trail Boss Argentine Grill with Brasero by Kobe Roux

Ranch House Grill

The 48″ RanchHouse Deluxe Grill from Texas Ranch Grills is the perfect size for family use. The 48″ RanchHouse Deluxe Grill weighs in at a robust 450 lbs., but is easily maneuvered on the 6″ solid casters that are standard on all our grills.