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Every Joy Charcoal Stove® is handmade from 100% recycled material for quality you can rely for years to come.  Constructed by craftsmen near the city of Manila since 1978 when Eng’r. Rizal Obligar made the first Joy Charcoal Stove.

Economical, heavy-duty, convenient to use, this system comes in different sizes that are sure to fit every need.  

We are the exclusive North American dealership for the Joy Charcoal Stove® and are very proud to offer such a great tool for your grilling adventures. 

Please watch the quick informative video on how the Joy Charcoal Stove®  differs from what you may have used in the past.



Joy Grill stove from the philippines on Kobe Roux BBQ
Ribeye on the Joy stove Philippines

The Joy Stove

The Joy Stove/Grill is made in the Philippines from 100% recycled materials.  It’s a grill, a cooktop and a wok range all in one.  Light and easy to carry.  Makes a great travel grill, prepper grill or table top hibachi.  

Wok Cooking on a Joy Grill U.S.A. Kobe Rouxåç
Joy Stove U.S.A. Kobe Roux