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Only the bold and adventurous seek ways to cook that challenge the soul.  Push button grills would never do for these folks.  At Kobe Roux, we only sell adventure.  Be it in the form of our open-fire Agentine grills to our hand-crafted wood-fired pizza ovens.  Everything we sell is hand-made with quality materials.  Feel free to research our inventory, we think you’ll be happy you found us. 

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Quality, Expertise, 100% Satisfation.

We Sell Quality

Look, if it isn’t well made, Kobe Roux won’t sell it.  Everything we sell is well made and proven to work better than the compeition.  While almost all of our products are made in the U.S.A, the Joy Grill is actually hand-made made in the Philippines from 100% recycled materials.


Due to high demand, we are experiencing a high number of orders on our handcrafted grills and smokers. You simply can not rush perfection and we will not sacrifice our quality to rush grills out the door. At this time, expect a minimum of 6 to 10 week delivery time on all of our Texas Ranch Grills. If we can get it to you faster, we will do our best. We encourage you to put your orders in fast because this lead time can get longer. 


We only sell what we use ourselves.  This way, we know the quality and the way the cooking systems work.  Follow-us online for more tutorials and cooking guides. 

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“Five Stars!”

Finally somebody is distributing the Joy grill in the United States.  Thank you!

The Santa Maria grill is great.  Well made, heavy and really fun to use.  My friends are jealous.  Love it.

Hard to find better quality for the price. we looked around for a long time and finally found what we wanted here.  A santa Maria with a brasero.  Perfect.